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Reni Hofmueller (AT): Radio Syndication over the InternetReni is speaking on the organisational issues associated with undertaking something like community radio station.

1. Open Source software - she highlights that each radio station develops very tactical specific solutions for their needs. She suggests that a very pragmatic idea would be to share solutions with other community radion stations. This is so possible in the world of opensource particularly given that many use open/linux based solutions as their base. The other aspect is to think about the power of standards in order to develop commonality.

drifted a little but she grabbed my attention with a discussion about the audience needs and the identification of whether an audience even exists...she posits that occasional we can be guilty of broadcasting just because we can..without really thinking through whether their is an audience.

second speaker in german - ummm...sorry folks no idea. yay - he has swapped to english. I am really reminded how English the world is forced to be. This is a conference in Austria - yet this native Austrian has just been told by the organisers that he must speak English cos the dummest folks in the audience (that be me) only speak english.

anyway - he appears to be talking about radio software...sorry folks you are suffering from my profound ignorance on all things radio - oh wait - - he is talking about content management and workflow - you can't get away from it :) by the looks of it is a meta management system that allows for independent radio stations, which are largely staffed by passionate individuals, to access a common tool to use air time to talk/play their passions. This allows for them to share the schedule, subject and the actual assets with their fellow station folks and other community radio stations.

third speaker: marco deseriis: is "interested in tactical grids development in order to hijack the dominant discourses"!! i like him already :) He is from Italy - he introduces his talk with some background on the italian media landscape - really interesting and so intwined with politics - as in party politics care of Berlusconi.

Leads onto discussion on telestreet movement - 50 points of broadcast across Italy - each with varied schedules - some daily, weekly etc. Lots of different groups using telestreet ranging from "traditional" local community stations through to more radicalised groups. mmm...must look at telestreet terrestial for berlusconi and the satelitte for murdoch - quote copyriot

Aside: this day has really opened my eyes to the role and power of the collection agencies. sjoera nas whom i met over lunch with brewster kahle and bjorn ? gave an example of a concert and webcast they organised - every performer performed for free and agreed that the recording of the concert would be freely distributed. Everyone was fine with this - labels said yes, performers said yes - concert went ahead - AND then the collection agency stepped in and demanded their 20 cents per download! this is despite the fact that the creators were happy for this to happen. Apparently this can even happen when performers are NOT even members of the collection agency!

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