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free bitflows: the future of filesharing-darknet reloaded

janko roettgers (DE) a darknet full of friendsjanko is talking about how he would like to see a social P2P network - where he knows the people - this is a world that is emerging with small groups of people sharing files with trusted group members. The problem with these groups is that the threshold for boredom or content drought is high - need regular injection of new content. However how do you have broader groups of users without risking exposure and their cover is blown or security is risked. Janko points to friendster as an example of social networks - foaf. Suggests it as a model that could help to provide frameworks for P2P social networks. Also uses Orkut as another model. Particularly interested in the profile pages where you elect who gets to see information about you - these decisions are based on a radius of friends - ie. direct friends, secondary friends etc. It requires decisions to be made, risks to be assessed. His main idea is that calculated risk is one way of attaining a mid point between closed darknets and exposed open networks of filesharers.

third speaker: ian clarke - the freenet project Ian is speaking at notcon on sunday - so attend if you are interested. Will try and summarise here.

starts by talking about freenet: see goals for architecture: allow practical one to many publishing of information provide reasonable anonymity for producers and consumers of information provide deniability for operators of nodes in the network rely on no centralised control or network administration be scalable from tens to hundreds of thousands of users be robust against node failure or malicious attacks

interesting aspect of freenet is that reputation is attached to long obscure string of characters.

difficult to judge numbers however 200Million downloads of software. 5000 people subscribe to mailgroups.

please note: lost power half way through notes on first speaker Sjoera Nas on anonimity - will try and get presentation from her.

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free bitflows: organisational intelligence for independent producers